The term "FILL" the Word-Descriptions of SSS-2002

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Sep 10 18:09:21 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
September 10, 2002

Dear SignWriting List:
I am writing the manual on the SSS-2002 right now. Some of you asked
what the term "FILL" means. Take a look below. You will see that the
term FILL is a software term related to SignWriting. Maybe we
shouldn't translate it, but keep it in English? I will leave that to
all of you, but since it is only used in relationship to computer
numbers I don't think it matters too much...Thanks so much for your
input...and thank you for all your language translations!

Val ;-)



There are 10 Categories, 60 Groups, 16 Fills, 16 Rotations and 425 BaseSymbols:


Category 01: Hand
Category 02: Movement
Category 03: Face
Category 04: Head
Category 05: Torso
Category 06: Limb
Category 07: FullBody
Category 08: Location
Category 09: Dynamics
Category 10: Punctuation



01. Group 01-01: Index Finger
02. Group 01-02: Index-Middle Fingers
03. Group 01-03: Thumb-Index-Middle Fingers
04. Group 01-04: Four Fingers
05. Group 01-05: Five Fingers
06. Group 01-06: Baby Finger
07. Group 01-07: Ring Finger
08. Group 01-08: Middle Finger
09. Group 01-09: Index-Thumb
10. Group 01-10: Thumb

11. Group 02-01: Contact
12. Group 02-02: Finger Movement
13. Group 02-03: Straight Wall Plane
14. Group 02-04: Straight Diagonal Plane
15. Group 02-05: Straight Floor Plane
16. Group 02-06: Curve Parallel Wall Plane
17. Group 02-07: Curve Hits Wall Plane
18. Group 02-08: Curve Hits Floor Plane
19. Group 02-09: Curve Parallel Floor Plane
20. Group 02-10: Circle

21. Group 03-01: Brow
22. Group 03-02: Eyes
23. Group 03-03: Eyegaze
24. Group 03-04: Ears-Cheeks
25. Group 03-05: Nose-Breathing
26. Group 03-06: Mouth
27. Group 03-07: Tongue
28. Group 03-08: Teeth
29. Group 03-09: Chin-Jaw
30. Group 03-10: Neck-Hair-Emotions

Head & Upper Body...
31. Group 04-01: Head Viewpoints
32. Group 04-02: Head Rims
33. Group 04-03: Head Move Wall Plane
34. Group 04-04: Head Move Floor Plane
35. Group 04-05: Head Positions
36. Group 05-01: Shoulder-Hip Viewpoints
37. Group 05-02: Shoulder-Hip Positions
38. Group 05-03: Shoulder-Hip Move Wall Plane
39. Group 05-04: Shoulder-Hip Move Floor Plane
40. Group 05-05: Torso Movement

FullBody & Spatial Relationships
41. Group 06-01: Arms-Elbows
42. Group 06-02: Legs-Knees-Feet
43. Group 07-01: FullBody Tilting
44. Group 07-02: FullBody Traveling
45. Group 08-01: Body-Area Location
46. Group 08-02: Height Location
47. Group 08-03: Width Location
48. Group 08-04: Depth Location
49. Group 08-05: Space Location
50. Group 08-06: Group Patterns

Dynamics, Timing & Punctuation
51. Group 09-01: Movement Quality
52. Group 09-02: Movement Timing
53. Group 10-01: End of Thought
54. Group 10-02: Pause in Middle of Thought
55. Group 10-03: Pause at End of Thought
56. Group 10-04: Preface Before A List
57. Group 10-05: Section Dividers
58. Group 10-06: Thought Within a Thought
59. Group 10-07: Quotes
60. Group 10-08: Repeat Symbols


a SignWriting software term for changing a symbol.
There are four kinds of symbols that use the FILL command:

Fill 01: Palm of Hand Front View
Fill 02: Side of Hand Front View
Fill 03: Back of Hand Front View
Fill 04: Palm of Hand Top View
Fill 05: Side of Hand Top View
Fill 06: Back of Hand Top View

Fill 01: Movement with Right Hand
Fill 02: Movement with Left Hand
Fill 03: Movement with Both Hands Together

Fill 01: Both Sides of the Face
Fill 02: Right Side of the Face
Fill 03: Left Side of the Face

Small Symbols
Fill 01: Single
Fill 02: Double
Fill 03: Triple
Fill 04: Quatruple



Rotation 01: Counter Clockwise 1
Rotation 02: Counter Clockwise 2
Rotation 03: Counter Clockwise 3
Rotation 04: Counter Clockwise 4
Rotation 05: Counter Clockwise 5
Rotation 06: Counter Clockwise 6
Rotation 07: Counter Clockwise 7
Rotation 08: Counter Clockwise 8
Rotation 09: Clockwise 1
Rotation 10: Clockwise 2
Rotation 11: Clockwise 3
Rotation 12: Clockwise 4
Rotation 13: Clockwise 5
Rotation 14: Clockwise 6
Rotation 15: Clockwise 7
Rotation 16: Clockwise 8



Index Bent
Index Cup
Index Hinge Variation 1
Index Hinge Variation 2
Circle Index
Angle Index
Index Middle
IndexHinge Middle
Index MiddleHinge
Index Middle Bent
Index Middle Unit
Index Middle Cup
Index Middle Hinge
Index Middle Cross
Middle Bent Cross
Index Bent Cross
Thumb Index Middle
Thumb Index Middle Bent
Thumb Index Middle Cup
Thumb Index Middle Circle
Thumb Index Middle Unit
Thumb Index Middle Hinge
Thumb Index Middle Angle
Thumb Middle Angle Index
Thumb Middle Circle Index
Thumb Index Circle Middle
4 Fingers
4 Fingers Bent
4 Fingers Unit
4 Fingers Bent Unit
5 Fingers
5 Fingers Thumb Forward
5 Fingers Bent
Fingers Bent Thumb Straight
5 Fingers Cup
5 Fingers Hinge
Flat Hand
Flat Thumb Forward
Flat Thumb Side
Flat Thumb Bent
Claw Thumb Forward
Claw Thumb Side
Claw No Thumb
Cup Thumb Straight Forward
Cup Thumb Straight Side
Cup No Thumb
Angle Thumb Side
Angle No Thumb
Index Middle Ring
Index Middle Ring Bent
Index Middle Ring Unit
Baby Finger Down
Index Middle Ring Hinge
Baby Finger
Baby Bent
Thumb Baby
Thumb Baby Angle
Thumb Index Baby
Index Baby
Index Middle Baby
Ring Finger Down
Ring Finger
Ring Baby
Index Ring Baby
Middle Down
Index Ring Baby Angle
Thumb Middle Hinge
Middle Hinge
Middle Finger
Middle Thumb
Middle Ring Baby
Middle Ring Baby Bent
Middle Ring Baby Curlicue
Middle Ring Baby Hook
Middle Ring Baby Hook Out
Middle Ring Baby Hook In
Middle Ring Baby Claw
Index Down Claw
Middle Ring Baby Angle
Middle Ring Baby AngleOut
Middle Ring Baby AngleIn
Middle Ring Baby Hinge
Thumb Index
Thumb Index Unit
Thumb Bent, Index Straight
Thumb Straight, Index Bent
Thumb Index Hook
Thumb Index Cup
Thumb Index Open Cup
Thumb Index Circle
Thumb Index Angle
Thumb Index Angle Out
Thumb Index Hinge
Thumb Index Open Hinge
Thumb Side Bent
Thumb Side Unit
Fist Thumb Over
Thumb Between Index Middle
Thumb Under Middle Hook
Fist Thumb Under
Fist Thumb Forward
Straight Wall Plane
Double Wall Plane
Double Alternating Wall Plane
Cross Wall Plane
Triple Wall Plane
Triple Alternating Wall Plane
Bend Wall Plane
Corner Wall Plane
Check Wall Plane
Box Wall Plane
Box Wall Plane
ZigZag Wall Plane
Peaks Wall Plane
Travel Rotation Single Wall Plane
Travel Rotation Double Wall Plane
Travel Rotation Alternating Wall Plane
Diagonal Plane Away From Chest
Diagonal Plane Towards Chest
Plane Between Wall and Diagonal Planes, Away From Chest
Plane Between Wall and Diagonal Planes, Away From Chest
Plane Between Wall and Diagonal Planes, Towards Chest
Straight Floor Plane
Double Floor Plane
Double Alternating Floor Plane
Cross Floor Plane
Triple Floor Plane
Triple Alternating Floor Plane
Bend Floor Plane
Corner Floor Plane
Check Floor Plane
Box Floor Plane
ZigZag Floor Plane
ZigZag Floor Plane
Peaks Floor Plane
Travel Rotation Single Floor Plane
Travel Rotation Double Floor Plane
Travel Rotation Alternating Floor Plane
Curve Wall Plane
Hump Wall Plane
Loop Wall Plane
Wave Wall Plane
Rotation Single Wall Plane
Rotation Double Wall Plane
Rotation Alternating Wall Plane
Shaking Wall Plane
Rotation Single Wall Plane
Rotation Double Wall Plane
Rotation Alternating Wall Plane
Arrow Combinations Wall Plane
Curve Hits Front Wall
Hump Hits Front Wall
Loop Hits Front Wall
Wave Hits Wall Plane
Curve Hits Back Wall
Hump Hits Back Wall
Loop Hits Back Wall
Wave Hits Back Wall
Wave Hits Wall Plane
Curve Hits Ceiling
Hump Hits Ceiling
Loop Hits Ceiling
Wave Hits Ceiling
Rotation Single Hits Ceiling
Rotation Double Hits Ceiling
Rotation Alternating Hits Ceiling
Curve Hits Floor
Hump Hits Floor
Loop Hits Floor
Wave Hits Floor
Rotation Single Hits Floor
Rotation Double Hits Floor
Rotation Alternating Hits Floor
Curve Floor Plane
Hump Floor Plane
Loop Floor Plane
Wave Floor Plane
Rotation Single Floor Plane
Rotation Double Floor Plane
Rotation Alternating Floor Plane
Shaking Floor Plane
Curve Hits Side Wall
Hump Hits Side Wall
Loop Hits Side Wall
Wave Hits Side Wall
Rotation Single Hits Side Wall
Rotation Double Hits Side Wall
Rotation Alternating Hits Side Wall
Arm Circle Parallel Front Wall
Arm Circle Starts Far From Chest
Arm Circle Starts Close to Chest
Wrist Circle Parallel Front Wall
Wrist Circle Hits Front Wall
Neutral Forehead
Eyebrows Up
Eyebrows Neutral
Eyebrows Down
Eyebrows Down Inside
Eyebrows Up Inside
Eyebrows Down Outside
Eyebrows Up Outside
Eyes Open
Eyes Squint
Eyes Closed
Bug Eyes
Eyes Half Open
Eyes Half Shut
Eyegaze Up
Eyegaze Forward
Cheeks Filled With Air
Cheeks Without Air
Cheeks Sucked In
Cheeks Tense High
Tongue in Cheek
Whole Face Over To One Side
Contact Tip of Nose
Wrinkle Nose
Wiggle Nose
Air Out
Air In
Mouth Neutral Straight Closed
Closed Mouth Protrudes Forward
Closed Smile
Closed Smile Pressure Sides of Mouth
Open Smile, Half Straight
Closed Frown
Closed Frown Pressure Sides of Mouth
Half Frown, Half Straight
Open Mouth
Open Mouth Protrudes Forward
Open Mouth Wrinkles Sides of the Mouth
Oval Open Mouth Horizontal
Oval Open Mouth Vertical (Yawn)
Rectangular Open Mouth Horizontal
Rectangular Open Mouth Vertical
Kiss Protrudes Forward
Tense Lips
Tense Lips Protrude Forward
Tense Lips Sucked Back
Lips Sucked In Pressed Together
Upper Lip Over Lower Lip
Lower Lip Over Upper Lip
Lip Corners Both Up
Double Wrinkles Around Mouth
Single Wrinkles Around Mouth
Tongue Sticks Outside
Tongue Licks Lip
Tongue Tip Touches Inside Mouth
Tongue Sticks Outside Center Mouth
Tongue Sticks Outside Curled Center Mouth
Teeth Neutral Mouth Open
Upper Teeth Touch Tongue
Lower Teeth Touch Tongue
Upper Teeth Touch Lower Lip
Lower Teeth Touch Upper Lip
Teeth Bite Lip
Teeth Bite Right Side of Lip
Chin Up
Chin Forward
Question Face
Head Front View
Head Top View
Head Rim Front View
Head Rim Back View
Head Rim Top View
Head Rim Side View
Relating to Side of Head
Head Wall Single
Head Wall Double
Head Wall Double Alternating
Head Wall Triple
Head Wall Triple Alternating
Head Floor Single
Head Floor Double
Head Floor Double Alternating
Head Floor Triple
Head Floor Triple Alternating
Head Position Center (Face Direction Center)
Head Position Side (Face Direction Side)
Head Position Up (Face Direction Up)
Head Position Down (Face Direction Down)
Shoulder Hip Front View
Shoulder Hip Top View
Shoulder Hip
Shoulder Hip Up
Shoulder Hip Down
Shoulder Hip Up and Down
Shoulder Hip Wall Single
Shoulder Hip Wall Double
Shoulder Hip Wall Double Alternating
Shoulder Hip Wall Triple
Shoulder Hip Wall Triple Alternating
Shoulder Hip Floor Single
Shoulder Hip Floor Double
Shoulder Hip Floor Double Alternating
Shoulder Hip Floor Triple
Shoulder Hip Floor Triple Alternating
Upper Body Tilt Single
Upper Body Tilt Double
Upper Body Tilt Double Alternating
Upper Body Tilt Triple
Upper Body Tilt Triple Alternating
Torso Twist
Torso Bend
Torso Stretch Sink Straight
Torso Stretch Sink Curves
Arm Tight Bend
FullBody Tilt Single
FullBody Tilt Double
FullBody Tilt Double Alternating
FullBody Tilt Triple
FullBody Tilt Triple Alternating
BodyArea Location
Height Location
Width Location
Depth Location
Space Location
Fast Movement
Slow Movement
Tense Movement
Relaxed Movement
Same Time Movement
Same Time Alternating
Different Time Alternating
End of Sentence
Fast Sentence (Exclamation Point)
Slow Sentence
Tense Sentence (Emphasis)
Short Pause
Fast Phrase
Slow Phrase
Tense Phrase (Emphasis)
Pause at End (Question Mark)
Fast Question
Slow Question
Tense Question (Emphasis)
Preface to Listing Items (Colon)
Fast Listing
Slow Listing
Tense Listing (Emphasis)
Section Divider
Fast Section
Slow Section
Tense Section (Emphasis)
After Thought (Parentheses)
Fast After Thought
Slow After Thought
Tense After Thought (Emphasis)

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