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Thu Sep 12 02:41:36 UTC 2002

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September 11, 2002

Funny, Mark...your original document you sent several days ago came
inside my email in Japanese...but this message below came in as
garbage! So sorry about that...hard to know why...what did you do
last time? ;-))

Val ;-)


At 19:05 02/09/11 -0700, you wrote:
>  Chinese, Japanese and Arabic are three languages that do pose several
>  problems for me with SignBank. So I have decided to focus first on
>  the languages that use the Roman alphabet ....sorry to make you
>  wait....

I don't mind waiting at all. I can send you .pdf files if you w
ant/needthem that way.

Meanwhile, the problem with #43 "fill" is solved!  Thanks for your
explanation. I translated i t"White/Black Change", which is only four
characters in Japane se so worksjust fine. Maybe that will help other

"Variation" I'm still not sure what to do with.

>  Regarding using SignBank for your Japanese databases...do you own
>  FileMaker in Japanese, Mark? If you really want to use SignBank long
>  term, you will need to purchase FileMaker...the Japanese version:

No, I don't own it yet, but will be willing to tackle it when t he
timecomes that its necessary. Thanks for the web-site address.

If you want to read the characters below, (my tentative transla
tion,being checked by a Japanese computer user), I think Windo ws now
has anautomatic sensor that detects foreign script and  tells you
that you needto download ____________ to be able to  read it, and has
a blue-lettercode that takes you to the downl oad site. This is what
happened to mewhen I tried to open a fi le that contained Chinese
once. I have Win 98,so imagine anything after that will have the
feature too. Maybe not.

That's about what I know.

Let me know if you can read it.


PS I just sent a few lines to test the system without overwhelm ing
thewhole list with unintelligible gibberish.

01. $B!!8 at 8l (J
02. $B!!9q (J
03. $B!!%*!<%9%H%i%j%"!!!!!!1Q8l (J
04. $B!!%*!<%9%H%j%"!!!!%I%$%D8l (J
05. $B!!%Y%k%.!<!!!!%U%i%s%I%k8l (J
06. $B!!%Y%k%.!<!!!!%U%i%s%98l (J
07. $B!!%¥%j%S%"!!!!%9%Z%$%s8l (J
08. $B!!%V%i%8%k!!!!%]%k%H%,%k8l (J
09. $B!!%+%J%@!!!!1Q8l (J
10. $B!!%+%J%@!!!!%U%i%s%98l (J
11. $B!!%3%m%s%S%"!!!!%9%Z%$%s8l (J
12. $B!!%G%s%^!<%/!!!!%G%s%^!<%/8l (J
13. $B!!%(%k%5%k%P%I%k!!!!%9%Z%$%s8l (J

Mark Penner
Tokyo, Japan

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