German Menu first draft posted...

Susanne Bentele Susanne.Bentele at SIGN-LANG.UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Thu Sep 12 11:49:25 UTC 2002

>SignWriting List
>September 11, 2002
>Dear German-speakers!
>Thank you Stefan and Susanne for your German translations. I have now
>typed my first version of the German menus into SignBank. It is on
>the web:

Hi Valerie -
by quickly glancing through I found just two little mistakes: the
translation of "sort by words" should read "Nach W├Ârtern sortieren".
And: I am not at all sure about "found symbol set"; If it is really a
Zeichensatz, which is a type font, then "Symbolzeichensatz" should be
one word. But maybe Stefan knows what it means better than I do
because he is more familiar with the programme...
Otherwise: great job! Congratulations!

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