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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Sep 13 18:53:20 UTC 2002

SignWriting List
September 13, 2002

Dear Mohamed, Dan Parvaz and List Members:
Thank you, Mohamed, for your Arabic translations. I have now posted
your PDF file on the web:

I can make SignBank icons with Arabic under the SignWriting, as a
graphic. But before I do that, I need to know one important

Do you own FileMaker Pro? You will need it, to use SignBank. I do not
know how it works in Arabic....Can you enter your own data into
FileMaker in Arabic, even though FileMaker does not have a special
Arabic version....?

Perhaps you and Dan Parvaz could test using FileMaker in Arabic, and
then report to us...If you can use it, then I will be happy to make
the Arabic SignBank for you...

Mohamed, how is SignWriting going at your school? I am sooo impressed
with all your work in Saudi Arabia and I would be honored if you feel
you can use SignBank -

Many blessings -

Val ;-)


Hello Val & list

This is the Arabic translation

I wish it worked

And if it does is there hope to create Arabic version of Wignwriter.

Many thanks


>From: Valerie Sutton
>Reply-To: SignWriting List
>Subject: Need SignBank Menu Translations
>Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2002 14:09:41 -0700
>SignWriting List
>September 6, 2002
>Dear SW List:
>SignBank 2002 will offer folders for different countries. Each
>country folder will include an empty SignBank, ready for signers
>that country to add their signs.
>But first, before I distribute SignBank, I must setup each country's
>database with menus in the spoken language of their country.
>Sooo...if you would like your country included, then please
>the following 80 lines into the spoken language of your country, and
>post the translation to the List...I will then create your country's
>Signbank. Many thanks! Val ;-)
>01. Language
>02. Country
>03. Australia-English
>04. Austria-German
>05. Belgium-Flemish
>06. Belgium-French
>07. Bolivia-Spanish
>08. Brazil-Portuguese
>09. Canada-English
>10. Canada-French
>11. Colombia-Spanish
>12. Denmark-Danish
>13. El Salvador-Spanish
>14. England-English
>15. Finland-Finnish
>16. France-French
>17. Germany-German
>18. Greece-Greek
>19. Ireland-English
>20. Italy-Italian
>21. Japan-Japanese
>22. Mexico-Spanish
>23. Netherlands-Dutch
>24. Nicaragua-Spanish
>25. Norway-Norwegian
>26. Peru-Spanish
>27. Saudi Arabia-Arabic
>28. Spain-Catalan
>29. Spain-Spanish
>30. Sweden-Swedish
>31. Switzerland-French
>32. Switzerland-German
>33. Switzerland-Italian
>34. Taiwan-Chinese
>35. Paper Size
>36. US Letter
>37. A4 Paper
>38. Category
>39. Group
>40. Symbol
>41. Illustration
>42. Variation
>43. Fill
>44. Rotation
>45. Selected Symbol
>46. Found Symbol Set
>47. Symbol At A Glance
>48. Notes
>49. Translation
>50. Sign
>51. Word
>52. Country
>53. Print
>54. Movie
>55. Animation
>56. Picture Dictionary
>57. SignBank Portal
>58. SignBank Editor
>59. SymbolBank
>60. Lessons
>61. Find Record
>62. List All Records
>63. Sort Editor by Words
>64. Duplicate Record
>65. Delete Record
>66. New Record
>67. Save Sign Spelling
>68. Sort Dictionary by SSS
>69. Clear Symbol Search
>70. Save in File
>71. Import Set
>72. Find Signs
>73. Compare Set
>74. Search by Symbols
>75. Any Sign With
>76. Exact Sign Spellings
>77. Symbol Combinations
>78. Best-Guess Sign Spellings
>79. Sign Classes-Symbol Groups
>80. Basic Symbol With Undefined Rotation

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