SignBank Menus in Chinese, Japanese, Arabic...

Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Sep 13 18:56:26 UTC 2002

>The Arabic translation is pretty darned good, with one minor note.
>Item #36, "US Letter" is translated as "US Alphabetic Letter," where
>you probably mean something like "US Postal Letter" (or whatever).
>So perhaps "ÿ±ÿ„ÿߍÑÿ© ÿ£Öÿ±äÉäÿ©" would be a more appropriate

SignWriting List
September 13, 2002

Dan - The "US Letter" means "US Paper Size...the size paper we use
here, as opposed to A4.

Have you used Arabic inside FileMaker? Can you store Arabic data in
FileMaker, even though the FileMaker version is the USA version? Just

Val ;-)

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