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Valerie Sutton Sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Sep 16 02:11:56 UTC 2002

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September 15, 2002

Thank you, Anne-Claude, for the French translations - We are lucky
indeed to have a SignBank version in the French spoken language...and
maybe someday you can start using SignBank for your research on
Swiss-French Sign Language ;-)

Meanwhile I am sorry to hear that only one teacher responded to your
survey. I suspect the teachers work long hours. I confess - I used to
be better at email I can really understand everyone's
feelings of exhaustion when it comes to email. So email may not reach
the teachers where they are located....namely in the classroom...

So perhaps there are other ways you can gather your information? I
posted a great deal of feedback years ago on the work of Cecilia
Flood in Albuquerque. Have you visited all those old web pages? There
is an interview with Deaf students about SignWriting, and email after
email with feedback from Cecilia...

Have you telephoned teachers? You could interview them on the phone -
just a thought!

I will tell you when the French translations are posted for your editing -

Thanks once again - Val ;-)


Dear Valerie,

I'm not sure of all translations... but I've done my best

Langage 01. Language
Pays 02. Country
Australie - anglais 03. Australia-English
Autriche - Allemand 04. Austria-German
Belgique - Flamand 05. Belgium-Flemish
Belgique - Français 06. Belgium-French
Bolivie - Espagnol 07. Bolivia-Spanish
Brésil - Portuguais 08. Brazil-Portuguese
Canada - anglais 09. Canada-English
Canada - Français10. Canada-French
Colombie - Espagnol11. Colombia-Spanish
Danemark - Dannois12. Denmark-Danish
El Salvador - Espagnol13. El Salvador-Spanish
Angleterre - Anglais14. England-English
Finlande - Finlandais15. Finland-Finnish
France - Français16. France-French
Allemagne - Allemand17. Germany-German
Grèce - Grec18. Greece-Greek
Irelande - Anglais19. Ireland-English
Italie - Italien 20. Italy-Italian
Japon - Japonais 21. Japan-Japanese
Mexique - Espagnol 22. Mexico-Spanish
Hollande - hollandais23. Netherlands-Dutch
Nicaragua - Espagnol 24. Nicaragua-Spanish
Norvège - Norvégien 25. Norway-Norwegian
Pérou - Espagnol26. Peru-Spanish
Arabie Saoudite - Arabe 27. Saudi Arabia-Arabic
Espagne - Catalan 28. Spain-Catalan
Espagne - Espagnol
Suède - Suédois 30. Sweden-Swedish
Suisse - Français 31. Switzerland-French
Suisse - Allemand 32. Switzerland-German
Suisse - Italien 33. Switzerland-Italian
Taiwan - chinois 34. Taiwan-Chinese
Taille du papier 35. Paper Size
Lettre US 36. US Letter
Papier A4 (ou feuille A4)37. A4 Paper
catégorie 38. Category
Groupe 39. Group
Symbole 40. Symbol
Illustration 41. Illustration
Variation 42. Variation
Remplir ? 43. Fill
Rotation 44. Rotation
Symbole choisi 45. Selected Symbol
Trouvé le symbole set ?46. Found Symbol Set
Symbole... ?47. Symbol At A Glance
Notes 48. Notes
Traduction 49. Translation
Signe 50. Sign
Mot 51. Word
Pays 52. Country
Imprimer 53. Print
Film 54. Movie
Animation 55. Animation
Dictionnaire d'images 56. Picture Dictionary
  ???57. SignBank Portal
Sign bank Editeur 58. SignBank Editor
Symbolbank (banque de symboles)59. SymbolBank
Leçons 60. Lessons
trouver enregistrement 61. Find Record
trouver otus les enregistrements 62. List All Records
  ???63. Sort Editor by Words
dupliquer l'enregistrement 64. Duplicate Record
effacer l'enregistrement 65. Delete Record
nouvel enregistrement 66. New Record
Sauver l'épellation des signes 67. Save Sign Spelling
  ???68. Sort Dictionary by SSS
  ???69. Clear Symbol Search
sauver dans un dossier 70. Save in File
Importer les... ???71. Import Set
Trouver les signes72. Find Signs
Comparer les  ???73. Compare Set
chercher par symboles74. Search by Symbols
N'importe quel signe avec 75. Any Sign With
Epellation exacte du signe76. Exact Sign Spellings
combinaison de symboles 77. Symbol Combinations
  ???78. Best-Guess Sign Spellings
classes de signes - groupes de symboles79. Sign Classes-Symbol Groups
Symboles de base avec rotation non définie 80. Basic Symbol With
Undefined Rotation

Hope it can help !

Talk to you soon again on the list

Anne-Claude Prélaz

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