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September 27, 2002

Stanley Debono from Malta wrote:
>>Dear Valerie, We have downloaded the 12000+ gif files, and will be
>>using them in our work. We are trying to link the old files we had
>>obtained from your website with the gif files contained in the
>>downloadable zip. Specifically we compared gif reference
>>04-04-003-01-01-01 which was previously called a 'Wave Wall' and
>>now refers to a head movement.  Is this the case or are we mixing
>>up references?  When we compared 01-01-001-01-01-01 it remained the
>>same symbol. Thank you for your help and the lots of work you put
>>in this project. Regards, Stanley Debono, Executive Co-ordinator,
>>MITTS Foundation for Information Technology Accessability (FITA),

Hello Everyone, and Stanley and members of the Maltese Sign Language Projects -
Thank you for your message, Stanley. After months of work, I finally
completed all the GIFs for the SSS-2002 symbol set. There are 15,814
GIFs total. These symbols are stored in SymbolBank 2002. Or you can
download the individual GIFs on the web. I just posted them:

So, I would suggest re-visiting this web page, to download the entire
15,814 GIFs:

SignBank Download Center (number 2)

Regarding the organization of the symbols, you are correct that the
numbers are new. I have two PDF files on the web now, that give you
the proper numbers for the SSS-2002. Those two documents can be
downloaded. They are really the same document, but one is easier to
print and one is best read on the screen. Their links are located
near the link for downloading the 15,814 GIFs.

Or you can read the entire SSS-2002 organization on the web:

SymbolBank Web Site

SSS-2002 Visual Listing

Word Description of SSS-2002

I wish you all the best with your Maltese Sign Language database. You
may be able to link your database to SignBank and SymbolBank in the
future, so keep in touch and feel free to ask questions anytime -
Perhaps, Stanley, you will want to join the SignWriting List, to
receive more technical information, which is posted on a regular
basis -

Please send my best wishes to your team -

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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