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Thu Apr 3 01:18:46 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
April 02, 2003

Dear SignWriting List Members:
Would you like to correspond with Deaf people in Bangladesh? If so, 
please write to Mr. Murshed. His email message, and email address is 
below...smile...Val ;-)


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> From: "Murshed" <smurshed at bttb.net.bd>
> Date: Wed Apr 2, 2003  3:47:54 AM US/Pacific
> To: <Dac at SignWriting.org>
> Subject: Letter From Bangladesh for Friend.
> Thursday,April 03 2003
> Dear Sir,
> l would like to inform you that l am one of member of World Federation 
> of the Deaf of Finland and  l am a General Secertary of the Mymensingh 
> Deaf Association of Bangladesh. l received a List of many E-mail Deafs 
> in different countries from lnternet to l can understand for you know? 
> ln this connection l would like to know the name of your country/city 
> through E-mail. would you please let me know From address of your Deaf 
> Association through your E-mail to me ? l lntend to Friends/ Penpals 
> of relationship among the Deaf of the world. l am sending my Fax and 
> E-mail and hoping your contact through these numbers. Please can 
> kindly information help me.
> Thanking you,
> Yours Sincerely
> General Secretary
> Mymensingh Deaf Association

smurshed at bttb.net.bd

> Fax
> 0088-091-54331 
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