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April 15, 2003

On Saturday, April 12, 2003, Antonio Carlos da Rocha Costa wrote:
> Regarding the SignBank Archives...

> There may be other duplicates. Also, the symbols in group
> 02-08 seem to be a little be mixed or out of order.
> Am I understanding that right? Or am I confused about the
> group 02-08?

Hello Antonio Carlos:
Here is a GIF showing symbol 02-08. When you have questions about a
symbol, go to SignBank. Enter the SignBank Portal. Go to SignBank
7...which shows the Sign-Symbol-Sequence.

Then you can search for a symbol there...Here is a GIF of symbol
02-02-008. I believe you wanted 02-08? So that is a different symbol
and I will look for that next...but here is an example of using
SignBank 7 to search the SSS...

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