Tortoise sign

Hector Devia hdevias at TUTOPIA.COM
Mon Apr 14 03:50:44 UTC 2003

Valerie Sutton and SW list

Thank you very much by your help regarding the proper way to write the "CREATE" sign, I choosed the second form of "Val's Writing" and I added it to my dictionary. 

Regarding the proper way to write signs, I would like to ask your feeling about the tortoise sign, as you can see it is an ASL loan sign here in Colombia. The writing form of the ASL dictionary do not make sense to me, because I read that the right hand palm faces up, but I need to write the palm facing to the side, aditonally to show the thumb finger closing twice. (left hand is on right hand) Am I interpreting the signwriting symbols correctly?

Hector Devia
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