COLOMBIA: Question Tortoise sign

Charles Butler chazzer3 at EROLS.COM
Tue Apr 29 22:48:45 UTC 2003

Of all the variants, I think Number 3 is clearest as well.  The back of the
covering hand is dark, the thumb is shown as closing twice to a bent
position, and the thumb line is detached to show the hand pointing away from
the signer.  The double close is on the thumb rather than the hand to show
that the thumb wiggles.  There is no easy way to show that thumb position
from the remains clear in all rotations.

Charles Butler

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> April 29, 2003
> Hello Everyone, and Hector -
> The American and Colombian sign for turtle or tortoise is hard to
> write. Please see the attached GIF. I think I would choose number 3 in
> the diagram, which is a variation of Hector's writing...generally I
> prefer to place the dots over the finishing position of the bend (the
> bent thumb rather than the straight thumb)...although both are
> readable. And I prefer to place the dots as close to the finger that is
> doing the bending as possible...sometimes that is impossible but with
> Hector's writing, there is room to the side of the thumb...Thank you,
> Hector...for the great diagram and question...Val ;-)




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