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Wed Apr 30 17:59:41 UTC 2003

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April 30, 2003

From: Vinko Vuksanovic <dr_vinko at>
Date: Wed Apr 30, 2003  10:55:13  AM US/Pacific
To: Valerie Sutton <sutton at>
Subject: Re: Books

I cannot express the excitement and happiness on the
support you are so unselfishly offering. This will
mean a lot to so many children in Serbia. Up on your
request I will, as soon as the Labor day holiday
weekend is over, get in touch with one or more of the
teachers at the school. I will also, once again, speak
to the Director of the school and once again but this
time with the ace in hand seek her full support. Don't
get me wrong, Director was willing to support me but
but I did something that is not common: I offered to
help as well as the desire to volunteer. This
something that is not an every day occurence. People
here shun and run away from anyone that is "different
from usual". It's a very sad reality. After the
Holidays you will have the full information about the
school, number of students in each grade, etc.
Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


--- Valerie Sutton <sutton at> wrote:
> Dr. Vuksanovic -
> Do you have one or more classrooms that would like
> to join our
> SignWriting Literacy Project? If you can find at
> least one teacher of
> Deaf children to correspond with me, then I will be
> happy to donate the
> materials to their students...They will be videos,
> cds and software for
> deaf children...but in return I will need some
> feedback from the
> write again if you are intersted in
> this...I will mail a
> separate description of our project to you in email
> next message -  Val
> ;-)
> On Monday, April 28, 2003, at 12:30  PM, Vinko
> Vuksanovic wrote:
>> Dear Ms.Sutton,
>> My name is Vinko Vuksanovic. I am a doctor of
>> Radiology and I ma writing to you from what is now
>> known as Serbia and Monte Negro (Yugoslavia). I
> would
>> like to take this opportunity and tell you little
> more
>> about myself. I have finished my medical school in
> New
>> York. After my graduation I have moved to, what
> was
>> then known as Yugoslavia. During the NATO
> innervation
>> in Kosovo and there after I have dedicated my time
> and
>> knowledge in helping people regardless of their
> ethnic
>> background. I am also a manager of a
> non-governmental
>> organization "ETHNO-MED". We were successful in
>> implementing some Conflict Management, First Aid,
>> Awareness, Lamaz Classes for expecting mothers and
> few
>> other seminars. After having an opportunity to
> visit
>> one of the schools for children with impaired
> hearing
>> and speech I have decided to learn the sigh
> language.
>> I have tried in the last few months to get some
>> learning materials on sigh language but,
> regretfully,
>> I was unable to do so. I still cannot belive and
>> understand that with over 30 thousand needed
> people in
>> my country there is only one, very old, video
>> cassette. My wish is to make available to all,
>> especial children, some  additional learning
> materials
>> (of course translated and modified to our needs).
> What
>> I am asking from you is help, help in books,
> learning
>> materials, picture cards for younger children.
> This
>> might be an unorthodox way of asking for help but
> it
>> is the only way I know how. I will not take up any
>> more of you time. Upon your reply I will forward
> all
>> the neccesary information you may require (eg.
>> NGO registration number, NGO address, account
> number,
>> etc). If you require a project proposal to be
>> forwarded to you we will be more then happy to do
> so.
>> Thank you for finding time to read this mail.
>> I would be very greatfull if you are in the
> position
>> to help us, and believe me, thousands of kids will
> be
>> also.
>> Best regards,
>> Vinko
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