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August 2, 2003

Zurich wrote:
> Now here comes the interesting part - the movement.
> The handshape opens up into a European 3 hand (fore, middle fingers and
> thumb outstretched), while simultaneously making a jumping forward
> movement.  As the hand descends to 'land' on the palm, the hand closes
> again into the original modified O handshape. From the point on the
> palm
> where the hand has landed,  the whole movement is then repeated.
> Attached is our SW spelling for FROSCH. If anyone would like a
> Quicktime
> movie of this sign (212 KB), let me know and I can send it to you
> directly.

Dear Penny, Siv and everyone...
If you are writing for "everyday use", then I think what I wrote is
"good enough".....it gives all the features you mention above...But for
research you could put in timing, and the dynamics behind the
movement...whether it was sharp, or smooth, or slow or fast or
un-even...here is another one I just thought of...I like this one
too...ha!  Val ;-)

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