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August 6, 2003

Angus wrote:
> For-profit corporations will sometimes give money or goods
> (the way that you've gotten software from Adobe and Apple), but
> nonprofits
> will give you services for free as long as it supports their agenda.
> The
> agendas of the DAC and the Linguist List have a lot in common: the
> study
> of language is central to both.

Dear SW List, and Angus!
Thanks for this message...Yes, you really have helped so many people on
this List, Angus. I remember you taught us about Ghostscript...that was
a major development for SignWriter DOS...

Regarding the different roles that organizations play in our
society...maybe it is good for society to have a variety of
organizations....donations wouldn't mean as much, if everyone gave them
- ha!...And commercial organizations give people jobs, and in the case
of Adobe, some good products too...Where would the computer world be
without Adobe's postscript? Or the PDF format? I am glad they pay
people to develop those formats...

Yahoo is a bit more difficult...I am sooo happy to be off of Yahoo...Of
course, I hope everyone will visit our new SignWriting List Archives on
the Linguist List..There are no more gross advertisements interrupting
our reading of messages....

SignWriting List Archives

At the moment we have Archives on both Yahoo and the Linguist
List...Michael Appleby at the Linguist List is helping us reconstruct
all the messages from May 2002 to the present...Bill Reese already
captured all the messages from 1998 to March 2002, so there is only the
month of April, 2002, which I am going to capture tonight, just in case
Bill hasn't done that our entire 5-year Archive has been

Val ;-)
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