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Hector Devia hdevias at TUTOPIA.COM
Sat Aug 9 01:08:41 UTC 2003

Regarding the Bogota sign, you are right, it touch two times the sides of
the body. The asociation is the cold weather in Bogota during the all year.
It is a modify sign of "Cold"


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De: Stefan Woehrmann <stefanwoehrmann at gebaerdenschrift.de>
Para: Hector Devia <hdevias at tutopia.com>
Fecha: Jueves, Agosto 07, 2003 05:39 AM
Asunto: AW: sw spelling cities

Hi Hector,

I like your spelling of Bogota - the elbows lower arms up (handshape does
not matter - put perhaps a fist or O-hand) touch two times the sides of the
body (right ???)     ( is there a association that helps to understand the

Stefan +ADs--)

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