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August 18, 2003

Ingvild Roald wrote:
> Hi Stefan and all,
> on your site, you have a diagram of mouthing
> symbols used in Germany. Some of the symbols are compoesed of a
> face/mouth symbol and a hand symbol near the mouth. If these are used
> to train German spoken language, I can well understand them. But as I
> understand, German Sign Language uses mouthing as part of the sign
> language itself, as does Norwegian Sign Language. How do you write the
> mouthing when the hands are otherwise occupied??? Ingvild

Hello Everyone, Stefan and Ingvild!
Stefan's site is sooo huge....and wonderful! I tried to find the exact
page that you were referring to, Ingvild...

I went to...

I know there is a section on Mundbildschrift on Stefan's web
site...Meanwhile, while looking, I found this wonderful new document on
Stefan's site...notice the multiple facial expressions...I believe
Stefan is writing how the mouth looks when mouthing the words...see
attached is exciting, Stefan!

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