e-mail viruses

Jerry Spillman jzs at XMISSION.COM
Thu Aug 21 23:26:52 UTC 2003

Dear Valerie, Daniel, and the International SW List,

We are still receiving a few messages from mail programs telling us that
they can't send our e-mails.  The story on this is, that message tells
you who is trying to use your "faked address", or at least who received
it last before you did.  I think we just will have to stay in touch,
and, as Stefan tells me, we need to keep our virus protection software
current and the firewalls up, even on the dial-up Internet Provider
Services.  There is a good free firewall available for download called
Zone Alarm (from Zone Labs):


also, there are some good ones packaged with anti-virus software, and
with Windows XP.


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