Promotion on another Sign Notation System

Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Mon Aug 25 10:39:25 UTC 2003

Hi Suksiri,

and welcome among us. -You are right that there are other notation
systems, both the HamNoSys, Sotkoe's original system and many other
derived systems. What all these have in common, and where they all differ
from SignWriting, is that they are developed for research purposes (often
for one spesific SL or one spesific aspect), and not well suited to be
everyday writing systems for Signing people.

SignWriting too can be used for research, but it's main advantage is that
it is a system that can write any Signed Language, and can be used easily
by children and other non-researchers.

If you look at the different pages taht are on the SignWiriting home site
or its attached links, you'll see why.

All the best,

Ingvild, Norway

>Dear SW list members,
>I'm Suksiri. I just began my work as a lecturer for the Deaf for 3 years.
>have no background on Deaf people, Deafness and the like. I use internet
>find information on the Deaf. One of my deaf colleague gave me website
> Also with Valerie's suggestion, then I came this
>I'm interested in Literacy in Sign Language. And this website contains
>more details on this topic. However, I still wonder that another Sign
>Notation system like Stokoe's and HamNoSys are not promoted. Would you
>please suggest me to some kind of information around this topic?
>Thank you all reply in advance.
>Best regards,
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