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August 30, 2003

Dear SW List Members!
I want to welcome a new member to our SW List....Nana Dumitra from the 

Thank you, Nana, for this very interesting message. I am glad you are 
enjoying using SignWriter DOS. You are welcome to post questions and 
comments to the SW List anytime...

And please tell the Deaf people of the Philippines, that they are 
welcome to join too, and that their Sign Languages are respected ...Val 

Nana Dumitra, from the Philippines, wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. Since e-mailing you a friend of ours was able 
> to get connected to the signwriting website and to download the DOS 
> program. He put it on CD ROM for me. So for the past few weeks I have 
> been working a little bit with it. We really like it. We are working 
> here with Filippino Deaf. Filippino Sign Languages has many elements 
> of ASL. So very often I can just use the ASL dictionary. I also 
> started to work on a Filippino Sign Language Dictionary, but there are 
> only about 15 signs in it so far (I can only work for about 15 minutes 
> every day on this project) – still I can see that it helps me to learn 
> this sign language a bit faster and the Deaf are REALLY interested. 
> Some of them were so excited to see their own language written!!!
> In the Deaf people feel a lot of shame when they have deaf children. 
> Mostly they are hidden in the homes and only few deaf children even 
> get to go to school. Even at the deaf schools they are being taught 
> that they are dumb and don’t know and that they need to learn 
> “correct” English in order to be accepted. So seeing their language in 
> written form gives them a great boost. We are hoping that we will be 
> able to continue working with SignWriting and that it will also 
> convince the hearing people who are working with the Deaf… But this 
> will probably be a very long time from now.

Nana Dumitra
nana.dumitra at
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