PNG vs GIF....Formatting issues for databases ;-)

Steven Aerts steven.aerts at UA.AC.BE
Tue Dec 2 07:36:33 UTC 2003

> Now, in regards to your PNGs...don't push yourself on my
> account...between so many fine programmers there will probably be
> someone who has already done it...Once we have the PNgs for an entire
> sss...I will be happy to post it for download on our SW site....then
> you do not have to worry about losing keep that in mind, if
> you do other work like that...that goes for everyone of course...if
> there is some kind of important software development that you want to
> share with the world, I will be happy to post it for any of is
> good for all of us to create a software depository for SW on the
> just write to me privately...

The 4489 png's of the 1999-symbolset have been standing on our website for
some time, at
sss1999-all-png.tar.bz2 is the file you are looking for.  If you have problems
opening the tar.bz2 file (normall stuffit or winzip have no problem opening
it) we can also zip it, but this will result in a larger filesize than the
current 370 kB.
You don't have to mirror it, that server is very fast and reliable (university


        Bart & Steven

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