hello, handwriting, and 2 ?s about SW for mouth/head movement

James/Judy Shepard-Kegl kegl at MAINE.RR.COM
Thu Dec 4 05:20:11 UTC 2003

There are a lot of signs in Nicaragua that involve opening and closing lips
(as if talking) or chattering teeth, and one student's name-sign entails
multiple squinting of the eyes.  There are a number of SW characters that
have no officially assigned signification -- so that gives us some room to
be inventive within the parameters of the system.  There is one symbol (oh,
I forget just where, perhaps under the zero or the dash -- somewhere on the
right side top row of the keyboard) that looks like a crooked finger.  We
use on of those for a chomp and one plus its mirror image for chomping, when
placed by the teeth symbol,  and for rapid lip smacking when placed by the
neutral mouth symbol.

James SK

> Also I want to show that when the signer shows someone moving along with a
> bouncing movement, he's opening and closing his lips with each bounce as
> though saying buh-buh-buh.  Any ideas?

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