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Hi Tini,

glad to hear from you. Your project sounds great - thanks for your comment.
Great gif !! Can imagine your group like working in a rowboat ? ha - the
drummer is speeding up -
Well - can you show examples of handwritten signs with curved and circle
movements ...

Thanks -

Stefan ;-)

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  Hello Valerie and list,

  I have followed with interest the topic about writing by hand.
   In the beginning of our fall season' 03, I have started to teach
handwriting from the beginning, with the new students. We made a game out of
it, using the table as a drum. I would hit the table each time they were to
draw a line. As you may see on the attachment the lines are numbered, taken
from Valerie's instruction booklet. For the filling I would use a "ruffle"
with my fingers on the table. Each child took a turn drumming and slowly
sped up by each  drawing.
  It was fun and at the same time they learn to recognize the symbol. I hope
by this way that they will see  the fun of writing SW. by hand .
  This attachment is from Brianna. She has been with me for 3 seasons and is
able to help me teach the SW. to the new children. Although it is not neat
yet, she is starting to like it and I hope at the end of our Spring session
that she will enjoy writing her own story by hand, rather than on the

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