Signs for Philippines, diff. islands and cities

Nana Dumitra nana.dumitra at SCHLOSSKLAUS.AT
Fri Dec 12 07:44:32 UTC 2003

Hello Hector and SW-List,
Sorry, it took me some time to gather some of the signs you asked for.
I was not able to get the signs for the main islands, because our deaf here didn’t know them, maybe in the future :-).
I realised that my sign document is a bit confusing, so I try to give you an introduction here:
„Philippines“ is the country. „Manila“ is the capital. Then there are the three main islands (or island groups) that I don’t have the signs for yet: They are Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. „Davao“ is the capital city of Mindanao. „Cebu“ is both an island of Visayas and the capital of that island. The deaf were not sure, if the sign is good for both, for sure it is the name of the capital „Cebu City“. „Palawan“ is an island that belongs to Luzon. (Some of the Deaf think, that the signs for the other islands like: Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and Cebu might have the same movement like „Palawan“ just using the first letter of the name of each island).
„Bicol“ is the region of southern Luzon, where we are working. „Naga“ and „Legaspi“ are provincial capitals of Camarines Sur and Albay respectively. „Ligao“, „Iriga“, „Polangui“, „Daraga“, „Tabaco“ are smaller towns mostly in the province of Albay. The words in „...“ are those that I have included signs for.
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Hello Nana Dumitra and SW-List
I am Hector from Colombia, and l like to collect the indigenous sign of cities, countries, and others geographical signs, so ¿Could you please to signwrite the indigenous sign for Philippines? And if possible some of the signs of the principal islands and cities. 
Thank you.
Hector Devia
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Subject: Spelling question
Dear SW List,
I am not sure how to write the Filipino Sign for „look“. Both hands have an „L“ shape, the thumbs touch right under the eyes and then you move away from your body in a alight arch so that at the end both hands point like pistols. I attach my solution so far, but I am not satisfied with the hands, how can I show that it is the thumbs touching the face?? I tried different rotations, but still it never seemed right. What do you suggest?
Thanks for your help,
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