SignWriting and L2 literacy

Tamar Bernfeld tamarjb77 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Dec 19 05:23:42 UTC 2003

Val, Nancy and Wayne...thanks for your responses!

 I agree that teaching SignWriting is a legitimate goal regardless of whether it facilitates L2 literacy.  The reason I am focusing on the idea of literacy in an oral language as well is that I am an ESL teacher specializing in the area of English literacy.  Therefore, while I am very interested in using SignWriting on its own, I am also interested in how it could help students achieve L2 literacy....

So...assuming students are learning SignWriting as their first written language and are now attempting to learn to read an oral based language (and developing some sort of phonological awareness), I feel that it may be easier to make connections between SignWriting and a language like Spanish versus a language like English.
Do you agree?


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