Dosbox in WinXP

Borg Karl at MRI karl.borg at GOV.MT
Tue Dec 23 10:00:00 UTC 2003

Dear SW List and Valerie

Val, thanks very much for your email with instruction how to use sw ms dos
in win xp as last night I managed load signwriter in dosbox in WINXP!!
Hurray! At last!! since I had been trying to solve this problem, because
before, I installed DosBox latest version of 0.6 and it didn't work with
MsDos signwriter (I do not understand!) and then I tried to install older
version (dosbox 0.58) and it works with msdos signwriter!!

Thankyou again for your patience!

Wishing you and all your family a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Best regards from MALTA

Karl ;-)

> SignWriting List
> December 20, 2003
> Dear SW List, and Karl:
> Thank you for this question, Karl...
>  >>On Dec 17, 2003, Karl Borg wrote:
> Last Monday I installed win Xp and then I download dosbox to be able to
> work MsDos signwriter. Then I drag and drop the sw folder on dosbox and
> then it became C: instead of Z:. But when I type sw to load signwriter,
> it didn't appear in dosbox (like it blank display) but dic and col they
> worked okay but sw didn't work, I do not understand it. Can you explain
> me how to run (or load) signwriter in dosbox. Many thanks and wishing
> you all the best for Xmas..Best regards...Karl from Malta ;)
> Karl -
> I actually do not know exactly what is happening...I am sorry to hear
> of your frustration. Is the SW folder located INSIDE the DOSBox folder?
> That is the only thing I can think of...I have now placed two documents
> on the web, giving instructions on using DOSBox:
> GO TO:
> SignWriting PDF Library 19
> Document 116, and 117...
> And Happy Holidays to you too!!
> Val ;-)

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