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February 3, 2003

On Sunday, February 2, 2003, Amy Nelson wrote:
> Hello, Pls let me know when CD-Rom will come out I would like get
> one... also what would it contain in there... I really enjoy the
> signwriting...Also, What format will CD-Rom works on? I have Window XP
> ... Will it include software for the computer that I can write in
> signwritting?

Hello Amy and Everyone -
The SignWriting Instruction CD can be used on any Windows or Macintosh
operating system. It contains five SignWriting manuals, including the
Lessons In SignWriting Textbook, in three formats:

1. a Web Gallery, viewed in your web browser, such as Internet Explorer
or Netscape

2. a PDF Library in Acrobat Reader

3. a searchable Lessons Database, in SignBank format, for FileMaker Pro
users. A Runtime version is also included for those who do not own
FileMaker Pro.

You can read more about the SignWriting Instruction 2002 CD in the
catalog online:

SignWriting Catalog Online

Thanks for writing, Amy!

Val ;-)

PS. Did you know that all three formats are available for free on the
web in different places? The Web Gallery can be read at: The Lessons in
SignBank are a part of the SignBank download on, and
the PDF library comes in the Help Folder that is also a part of
SignBank...So no one has to buy the CD, unless you want all three
formats easily accessible in one place...and the CD does have the value
of giving you a backup of those files, in case some of them are taken
down from the web later...

PPS. No. Unfortunately the Instruction CD does not include a way to
type SignWriting. For that, you will want SignWriter DOS, which is also
free to download. Go to:

Download SignWriter DOS
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