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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sat Feb 15 15:21:20 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
February 15, 2003

Dear Hector, Antony, Stefan and everyone -
I am so happy to receive such great messages from around the world - 
Colombia, Australia and Germany - we are soooo international!

I just want you to know that I am here - It is 7:20 in the morning and 
I will be back to my computer after breakfast - ha!

I know it is nighttime for some of you...strange isn't it?!

So see you soon ;-)

Val ;-)


Stefan in Germany wrote...

Dear Antony, Valerie  and listmembers
I read your message  and had to smile - well - it takes some time to 
learn to read SW  but it  takes much more to become an experienced user 
of the SW4.4 program with all the  wonderful possibilities that are 
hidden in this great program. Even more time is  needed to become an 
experienced scribe - that is not just to use the  program but to wirte 
documents that can be understood  by readers who are  able to read SW 
but are as well familiar with the SL in wich the document is  written.
In order to allow  people who get interested in reading and writing SW 
I offer in Germany two  different weekend-workshops . After these the 
participants are informed about  many many little problems and how to 
find the solution. It is amazing to watch  them writing their first 
documents after only a few hours of instruction.
In the meantime I  have lot of experiences in teaching people how to 
read and how to write SW .  Many presentations, workshops helped me to 
create numerous teaching materials ,  tipps and tricks ...
When I started to  learn to use SW  or  GebaerdenSchrift as we call it 
here in Germany -  there has not been any single sign written in German 
Sign Language. So I had to  start from scratch. At that time the SW - I 
got lot of support from experiences  members of the LIST. I started to 
write my first signs .I presented these signs  and felt so grateful to 
learn from the feedback. Puuh I made so many mistakes -  not knowing 
.... I got stuck because of printing-problems, or other typing -  
problems. Datas got lost, the program collapsed ....
I am still on my way  to learn to read !!!!!!!!  There are some signs 
and symbols that are not  handled the same way in all the countries 
that use SW. I would love to start a  discussion to get more 
clarification on this issue.
Anyway - here is my  suggestion - I invite you and other beginners to 
post questions to the List that  are connected with " how to get 
started -" "How to use the SW4.4  Program  etc.)
To start with a  small project - as you suggested - is a wonderful idea 
! Think steps - think  future
I can try to answer  all these questions and will try to make a 
collection of FAQ and to offer this  list of questions and answers on 
the website ..
In order to get not  confused it would be helpful to give a number and 
a "title" to the question -
If other beginners  would like to participate in this "instruction 
course" you are all welcome   ;-)
Just go ahead a  write your first question - the only rule : one 
question within one email - in  order to get not confused and to learn 
step by step - added gifs are very  helpful to clarify most problems.. 
Stefan ;-))) 

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