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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Mon Feb 17 22:19:19 UTC 2003

Dear Valerie,

thanks for your optimism ;-) and for your wonderful materials and ideas ;-))

Stefan ;-))

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SignWriting List
February 15, 2003

On Saturday, February 15, 2003, Stefan wrote:
> Anyway - here is my  suggestion - I invite you and other beginners to
> post questions to the List that are connected with " how to get
> started -" "How to use the SW4.4 È  Program  etc.) To start with a
> small project - as you suggested - is a wonderful idea ! Think steps -
> think  future. I can try to answer  all these questions and will try
> to make a collection of FAQ and to offer this  list of questions and
> answers on the website È .. In order to get not
>  confused it would be helpful to give a number and a "title" to the
> question - If other beginners  would like to participate in this
> "instruction course" you are all welcome È   ;-) Just go ahead a  write
> your first question - the only rule : one question within one email -
> in  order to get not confused and to learn step by step - added gifs
> are very  helpful to clarify most problems.. Stefan ;-)))


Dear List Members, and Stefan!
Thank you for offering to teach on the List! This is wonderful,
Stefan...I am grateful and I know others will be too...So we now have
two on-going courses on the List:

1. SignWriter DOS 4.4
How to type basic signs...
Teacher: Stefan Woehrmann

2. SignBank & SymbolBank 2002
How to add new symbols and signs...
Teacher: Valerie Sutton

So Hector's and Mark's questions (about adding new symbols) are mine to

Antony's questions (about typing Australian Sign Language in
SignWriter) is Stefan's to answer...

Thanks once again, Stefan! Go right ahead and teach anytime...

Val ;-)
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