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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Tue Feb 18 17:38:37 UTC 2003

Hi Tony,

I do not care about minutes and hours - but it is amazing to see absolute
beginners who attend my workshops and presentations that they are able to
read !!!
- not to complicated documents - within very few day ( 2 - 3 !)

Of course - you can read single sentences with only little variations within
minutes !

I am lucky to be supported by students in my classroom. Usualy it takes
about a week that they are able to assist my little deaf friends to read and

Well - there are some special signs and symbols that need more and specific
instruction - but the basic ideas are soooooooooo easy to understand and to
keep in mind that it is almost a miracle to watch people in their progress -
and it is soooooooooo much fun.

The more people are fluent in SL - the faster they learn to read and write

Unfortunately it takes so much more time to become a competent writer - it
is almost like learning to play Cello - practice is needed every day :-)))))

Stefan ;-))

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  Hello all..
                just wondering has anyone carried out an assessment on how
  long it takes a signing adult to learn Sign Writing or in a statistical
  sort of way to have a complete novice try to identify sign writing signs
  and see how many they get correct after no training, basic training,
  advanced training.  I just wanted to quote some facts with regards to
  learning sign writing.......


  Tony McCloskey

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