Parking on a Hill

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Good morning Valerie, Very interresting!!
 I could not open the first attachment, only a red cross showed up.The
second one was O.K.
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> SignWriting List
> February 18, 2003
> On February 18, 2003, Siv Fosshaug wrote:
> > Our problem is that we can't find a SW symbol which shows IN THE
> > HANDSHAPE ALONE this forwards-upward or -downwards diagonal orientation
> > (although one can write upward+diagonal orientations of the hand in the
> > other planes). Have we missed something? Is there indeed a way to
> > write such a sign in which no movement is involved? Many thanks for
> > any advice you might have,
> > Siv Fosshaug, GS-MEDIA Gebaerdenschrift (SignWriting) Projekt
> Hello Everyone and Siv!
> Wonderful to hear from you again. It seems like your project is really
> growing in Zurich....
> Yes. We do have hand symbols on the diagonal plane, but they are rarely
> used and there are times when they can be confusing. So at the moment,
> they are not in SymbolBank, but they do exist and I hope to add those
> symbols to SymbolBank in the future. In the next few messages I will
> post a few examples. Here is diagram 1:



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