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At 23:55 03/02/18 -0800, you wrote:
> Yes. We do have hand symbols on the diagonal plane, but they are rarely
> used and there are times when they can be confusing. So at the moment,
> they are not in SymbolBank, but they do exist and I hope to add those
> symbols to SymbolBank in the future. In the next few messages I will
> post a few examples. Here is diagram 1:

One thing that might be confusing down the road is that handwritten SW uses
this same configuration in place of the separated fingers.

What I like about using the horizon line to show the angle hand is that if
you really wanted to get picky, you could put the horizon line down low on
the hand (or arrow, for that matter) to show a steep angle (closer to the
wall plane), or higher on the hand to show an angle that is only a gentle
angle. But though I like this as a theory, it is way beyond what could be
considered useful except perhaps for the subtle nuances of poetry.

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