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February 21, 2003

On Thursday, February 20, 2003, at 06:26 PM, Mark Penner wrote:
> What I like about using the horizon line to show the angle hand is
> that if
> you really wanted to get picky, you could put the horizon line down
> low on
> the hand (or arrow, for that matter) to show a steep angle (closer to
> the
> wall plane), or higher on the hand to show an angle that is only a
> gentle
> angle. But though I like this as a theory, it is way beyond what could
> be
> considered useful except perhaps for the subtle nuances of poetry.

Yes, that is true, Mark. That is why I didn't bother to add it into
SignWriting until recently, because it is an advanced symbol that
usually isn't necessary for everyday writing...but you can move the
horizon line up and down - that is correct.

And actually, that is not inconsistant at all, with the handwriting.
The slash through the handshapes in the handwriting represents the
horizon too. In handwriting, we don't need to write all that detail it just means the horizon in general. But when we type, we
can add more detail to the horizon line - making it hollow (broken)
when the hand is truly covering the horizon (when it is parallel with
the floor), or a solid horizon line, when the hand is not directly on
top of it - So the handwriting and printing are following the same
rules... Val ;-)

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