Gibberish emails

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Thu Feb 27 21:29:23 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
February 27, 2003

Dear SW List, and Brendan and Bill -
Thanks for this email...

On February 27, 2003, Brendan Ryan wrote:
> Does anyone have any idea what they were?  I thought that someone sent
> me the source code of the sign writing program and didn't attach it
> correctly so I put the gibberish into a file and tried renaming it as a
> zip file and then as a exe file, but didn't get anything to work.
> Brendan Ryan

First, regarding the "gibberish"...for some reason a diagram of
Stefan's and then another one from me (both GIFs that should have been
fine), arrived "damaged" to the SignWriting List. A damaged graphics
file comes in that way. We all need to remember three things when
posting diagrams:

1. be sure your attachments are always GIFs or JPEGs
2. only attach 1 attachment to 1 email message - never multiple
3. try to keep the size of the diagram very small - I suspect that is
where both Stefan and I had problems - our attachments were fairly

This happens because the ListServe software in Canada that runs the
List, cannot handle too much...

Now...Brendan - I remember you once asked me for source code - do you
still want the SW 4.4 source code for DOS? I can send it to is
written in old Microsoft Pascal and Assembly Language - in other words
- it is very old and out of date...I can also send you the FileMaker
developper specs, but that takes a specific skill in FileMaker database

Val ;-)

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