Diagrams, Albuquerque teachers, reading scores improve, and a conference this week...

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Feb 28 04:05:26 UTC 2003

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February 27, 2003

Tini wrote:
 >Valerie, How can I open these attachments? I am getting a small red
cross. I clicked on it and nothing happened. Thanks Tini.


Hello Tini, Charles and everyone -
I have no idea. I am sorry the diagrams are not working for you.
Perhaps the GIFs from the web were damaged - they came in on my
computer, but not on other people's computers. But perhaps you will be
able to read them on the web?... Go to...

SignWriting E-Lessons Directory

or go directly to this web page to read about tempo and rhythm...


The tempo discussion goes on for five web pages - so if you can read
the article on the web, then you have not lost anything -

I think I will let Stefan and others teach for a few days - I am quite
tired and need a weekend to catch up - This coming week will be quite
busy. Four teachers from Albuquerque will be arriving to stay with me,
from Wednesday until Sunday...They are presenting an important talk
about their work with SignWriting...I will write a report to the SW
List about that conference...It turns out teachers are using
SignWriting north of Los Angeles (I had no idea) (Los Angeles is about
three hours drive north from San Diego and is a very big city), and one
of them telephoned me recently to inform me that one of his students'
reading levels in English jumped four grades in the 6 months since he
has been learning ASL combined with SignWriting ...so that teacher will
be presenting with the Albuquerque teachers. Plus I will be teaching
SignBank to one teacher privately because she has requested it - You
never know, the other teachers might be involved with lessons too...and
I am trying to print lots of literature for the conference in advance -
and to fulfill a big order for Gallaudet Bookstore - So hmmm - I think
I need to get a good cup of coffee and sit down and take a deep breath
- anyone want to join me? - ha!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, everyone - and I hope that
someday, we can have a SignWriting conference here - perhaps in a few
years, as SignWriting spreads to a few more schools in Los Angeles, and
around the world - ha!

Val ;-)

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