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I have been working with a newsletter for a few years now and have
almost always preferred to insert the pictures in jpg format.  However,
this past month, I revamped that newsletter, wanting to use some neat
new features in the updated program I use for that.  I wanted to do
things like add drop shadows.  However, my jpg pictures were awful when
trying to enhance them that way.  I have been hearing a lot about PNG
files this past year, as an acceptable alternative to GIF, which is a
proprietary Compuserve format.  I tried it and I love the format.  No
more lossy jpg.   A lot of my jpg files look as if they have a pure
white background but in reality, there are a lot of pixels a fraction of
a shade off.   While this is ok for the most part, it's when you want to
do something with the pictures beyond their initial purpose that the
trouble starts.

I'm trying to look down the road here and thinking of the pictures being
exported from signback - for whatever purpose.  While I know you are
looking at Signwriting as one day not relying on pictures, perhaps for
the interim we can encourage creation of signs in picture formats that
are clean, clear and crisp.

Would it be possible to store PNG formatted pictures in SignBank?


Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> January 16, 2003
> See the American sign for "airplane" in the attached diagram? Please
> send me your sign for "airplane" in your Sign Language...any Sign
> Language is welcome...I hope we will receive the German, Norwegian,
> Swiss-German, Brazilian, Colombian, Saudi Arabian signs for
> airplane...etc...
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> How to do this? Type the sign for "airplane" in SignWriter DOS, export
> it to BMP, and create a GIF or a JPEG. Then attach the single GIF or
> JPEG to an email message and send it to the SignWriting List. With
> your GIFs or JPEGs, I will start a separate SignBank for each country
> with one sign - "airplane"!....
> When I add those signs, I will show you how I did it...slowly we can
> build an international database this way...
> So I am waiting for your
> Val ;-)
> ----------------------------------------
> Valerie Sutton
> Sutton at
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> are written languages!
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> SignBankSite
> Sign Language Databases
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