Hi all:

Antony Daamen adaamen at OPTUSNET.COM.AU
Fri Jan 17 10:02:21 UTC 2003

Hi Pastor Ron and Judy,

well, I don't live near Sydney. I live on the other side of Brisbane, about
2000 km on the other side!!

However, I am sure you will have a whale of a time over here.  Sadly, the
Signwriting interest is very limited here. As is, I don't know of anybody
that used Signwriting here!!  

I will down load that program as soon as I have some time.  

See what I can do around here...


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Date: Wednesday, January 15, 2003 15:11:24
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Dear Antony,

I am hoping to visit Australia in a few years. Do you live near Sydney?
What is your address?

Pastor Ron and Judy Dettloff
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