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SignWriting List
January 25, 2003

Dear SignWriting List Members -
I can see your messages are really interesting and I look forward to
join in...This week has really been a unique one for me. As you know, I
run our non-profit organization from my home. In the past, I had 6
computers, but none of them were networked. Well that era has passed....

I gave away three old computers over Christmas. I now have three
up-to-date Macintoshes, all running Mac OS X Jaguar, plus they also run
DOS, Windows 98 and Windows XP (because of VirtualPC software). I can
go back and forth between the four operating systems with just a click
of the mouse. Files can be transferred automatically between the four
operating systems. And I can access the internet simultaneously from
Windows and the Mac on the same computer! Amazing, isn't it? ;-)

But I had never actually connected my computers in a local network
together. This week, our programmer, Todd, has worked with me
full-time. My fastest computer, a duel-processor, has now become a
web-server for our new SignWriting Shopping Cart Online. So when people
order SignWriting materials, they technically will be accessing my
computer here in my office...rather than the DeafVision web server. The
rest of our sites remain on DeafVision, but the new shopping cart (plus
in the future....the SignBank database online...) will be served from
our office...So for the first time, I am learning how to manage Apache
and TomCat and a FileMaker webserver...Todd has done an excellent job,
building a shopping cart database, that can be updated quickly through
FileMaker...FileMaker is very powerful as a web database structure....

Because of all this development, all three of my computers were in use
for programming this week, so I couldn't participate on email. I
believe this work will be completed on Tuesday of this coming week,
which means by Wednesday we should have our Shopping Cart up and
running...I will have some learning to do, and hopefully there won't be
too many problems...

In the long run, this will make our lives better, because orders will
be secure on PayPal, and you can pay in several foreign currencies,
with automatic approval of your credit card, while you are ordering
online. Plus, someday if people want to sell SignWriting T-Shirts and
other items on the web, we can make arrangements where they will be
listed on our SignWriting Shopping Cart, but when the payment comes
through for an order for those items, the order and money will be
directed to their account, rather than to mine...I will have to manage
this from my computer, but it is a great service that PayPal offers,
because in the old days, it would have been more work for me to manage.
I would have had to write checks to different people to give them their
money before....but now, instead, I can transfer their funds to them
through the internet...I am hoping all this will help SignWriting
survive financially...

A Deaf DAC member, Dave Gunsauls, wants to sell his American Sign
Language products on the web, and he will be the first to share our
SignWriting Shopping Cart Online...My only requirement is that the
majority of products must be "SignWriting-related", and Dave's are...so
it will be great to have an ASL store online. I could also place the
Albuquerque teachers products (T-Shirts, hats etc) on the Shopping
Cart, and funnel payments to them directly. Their Deaf students could
track their own internet sales - we just might influence and inspire
the Deaf business-men and women of the future...so this can be a
positive step for Deaf people to feel empowered, in our complicated

If there are other people who wish to sell SignWriting products online,
we can work out arrangements together...Feel free to ask questions to
the List, and I will answer them one at a time as they are posted...

Once our SignWriting Shopping Cart is up and running, I hope to be more
active on the List again...This weekend, while the computers are quiet,
I will do my best to answer your technical questions - Then on Monday
and Tuesday I will be offline again -

Thank you for your patience!!

Val ;-)


On Thursday, January 23, 2003, at 08:56 AM, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> January 23, 2003
> Dear SignWriting List Members!
> I bet you wonder what happened to me? Well...on Tuesday our programmer
> came to work full-time for two weeks. We are creating a secure,
> automated web site for ordering SignWriting and DanceWriting books,
> videos, software and CDs. This will be a vast improvement over our
> order forms that have been on the web since 1996 (which were not
> secure). So in about a week or so, people will be able to pay for
> SignWriting Memberships and all of our products on the web, with
> automatic approval of your credit card. There will even be a place to
> donate to our nonprofit organization online, if someone wants to do
> that.... ;-)
> This new online catalog will include new products....including those
> mysterious CDs I keep saying I am going to finish...So please excuse
> my silence...Todd is using my computer at times and it is hard to get
> to email!
> My best wishes -
> Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton
Sutton at SignWriting.org

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