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Tue Jan 28 15:53:50 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
January 28, 2003

Dear SignWriting List Members!
I am back on email today... the first time I have had a day to answer 
email since our programmer started setting up our new web server a week 
ago...Last night at 8:00 pm I finally told him to go home and take a 
day off...We are very close to being up and running with our new 
shopping cart, but as with all projects, it is taking a little longer 
than tomorrow morning we start once again...

So I hope today to catch up with some of your great emails - Thank you, 
everyone, for making this List an exciting forum for discussion...

And thanks to you, Jerry, and Maria, Bill and others, for caring about 
these viruses and hoaxes.  It is a shame that well-meaning people have 
to worry about such unnecessary distractions...The very purpose of this 
List is to put something positive back into the world...and it appears 
with all the blossoming SignWriting projects around the all 
are doing just that...Thank you!

Val ;-)


On Monday, January 27, 2003, at 04:28 AM, Jerry Spillman wrote:

> Dear Valerie, Maria, and List,
> Please read this short paragraph clipped from 
> with reference to the many times forwarded last message received on 
> the SW LIST:
> The "Teddy Bear", or "jdbgmgr.exe VIRUS" hoax:
> Origins:   Like the SULFNBK.EXE hoax, this bogus virus warning (also 
> known as the "Bear Virus") attempts to lure gullible users into 
> deleting perfectly innocuous, standard Windows files from their 
> systems.
> In<image.tiff>   this case the target file is JDBGMGR.EXE, a Java 
> Debug Manager program used by the Microsoft Java runtime engine. This 
> file is included as part of a standard Windows installation and is not 
> a "virus." (The icon for this file is a graphic of a bear like the one 
> shown to the left.)
> If you deleted this file, don't sweat it -- JDBGMGR.EXE is only 
> important to programmers who use Microsoft Visual J++ 1.1 to develop 
> Java programs. Its absence will not cause your PC to stop working or 
> interfere with your applications, so if you're not a Java developer, 
> you don't have to worry about restoring it. Consider the experience a 
> lesson learned about the perils of believing and acting upon 
> unverified e-mail warnings.
> Windows 2000 and Windows ME include a Windows File Protection (WFP) 
> feature that will recover shared files such as JDBGMGR.EXE if they are 
> overwritten or deleted. Users of other Windows operating systems can 
> only retrieve JDBGMGR.EXE by reinstalling the Microsoft Virtual 
> Machine (VM) component, but Microsoft is no longer offering it as a 
> download.


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