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January 28, 2003

On Sunday, January 19, 2003, Wayne Smith wrote:
>  I thought I'd share with you that I'll be mentioning SignWriting 
> during my presentation at the first ever Conference on Taiwan Sign 
> Language Linguistics to be held at Chungcheng University in Minhsiung, 
> Taiwan on March 1-2.  I've been asked to give an extended presentation 
> on all research that preceded my own and do an overview of all of the 
> work that has occurred in the past twenty years on TSL by myself and 
> others.  Among the other presenters are: Scott Liddell of Gallaudet 
> University, Susan Duncan of the University of Chicago, and Jean Ann of 
> SUNY (?) Oswego, as well as Jim Tai of Chungcheng University and a 
> number of researchers from Taiwan.  I have had little time to do much 
> with SignWriting in TSL recently, but still strongly feel that it is 
> the way to go.  I see it as a wonderful tool that can be used in the 
> preparation of instructional materials for TSL, ASL, or any sign 
> language.  Stefan has certainly proven that in Germany (Stefan: I love 
> your SignWriting art work and animations!!).

Hello Wayne!
Great to hear from you again! I enjoyed visiting your web site - your 
classroom looks very inviting ;-)

I look forward to hearing about your presentation in Taiwan when it is 
over... Remember a long time ago, you wrote to me about the idea of a 
"floating dictionary" that could be open while you are working in other 
programs, such as MicroSoft Word? Well...that is happening now, with 
SignBank 2002...

Right now, if you have the SignBank Editor open while working in Word, 
you can copy and paste signs into Word directly...(or drag and drop 
too, if your computer is one that can do that...) But this week, our 
programmer will be building in the same "copy and paste" features into 
the SignBank Portal...This is an important new feature for SignBank. 
You will be able to do sophisticated searches in SignBank in the 
Portal, and then paste your "found signs"  or illustrations, into Word 
and other documents - So the floating dictionary is becoming a 

Maybe SignBank will be of interest to the Taiwan conference 
participants...I understand that Ingvild Roald presented SignBank to a 
group in Norway in December...There are free downloads on the web as 
you know, and there is no need to purchase FileMaker if you use the 
Runtime version -

Val ;-)


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