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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Tue Jan 28 20:52:58 UTC 2003

On Tuesday, January 21, 2003 Jerry Spillman wrote:
> For a Canon BubbleJet Printer, the Epson settings probably will work
> fine, and most parallel printers when connected to a PC are configured
> at LPT1 unless there are a lot of scanners, etc connected at the same
> time.  This is great software, and works well with most computers
> capable of DOS.

SignWriting List
January 28, 2003

Thank you, Jerry, for this nice comment. If someone has problems
printing with SignWriter alternative is to "Print to
Postscript" ...that gives you a file on your computer which you can
then convert to a PDF file, if you have other software....either
Acrobat or Ghostwriter. Once the PDF file is produced you can print
from any Windows platform....

Also, for those who have trouble running SignWriter DOS on Windows XP
and other Windows platforms that do not support DOS....try Virtual PC
for Windows - it will make it possible for you to use DOS inside
XP...You install Virtual PC on XP. Then start Virtual PC. Then install
our SignWriter program into the DOS that is specially created by
Virtual really works and technically means you can run DOS on
any Mac or Windows platform - Visit

for information about Virtual PC for Windows.

Val ;-)

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