SignWriter MAC 5.0 Posted on Web!

Daniel Noelpp d.noelpp at GMX.CH
Sun Jun 1 12:36:58 UTC 2003

Good morning Valerie (here it's already afternoon)

Here am I again. I am really sorry to have talked about
my feeling that development has stalled. But I think, it is
a very good idea to publish a "beta" version of the program,
even if it is not yet finished. I even succeeded to start it on
my Windows 2000 laptop:

-open DOS prompt
-cd <where you extracted to>\SignWriterMAC\SignWriter MAC X
-java -cp signwriter.jar org.signwriting.SignWriter

But I only get the ASL menus and as I don't know ASL
I have to guess what the menus are for... But I found the
exit menu very soon and the sign for it is very logical :-)

Thanks a lot (you and your friends are doing a very good
work -- just give me time to digest all the information, for
example the SSS and the Unicode article of Mr. Everson
4 years ago :-)


P.S. I wonder why you announced the beta version only
works on Mac. Should I send an e-mail to the developer?
(Mr. Gleaves I think? Could I have his e-mail address?)

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