SignWriter MAC 5.0 Posted on Web!

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Sun Jun 1 13:12:30 UTC 2003

SignWriting List
June 1st, 2003

Daniel Noelpp, from Switzerland, wrote:
> Good morning Valerie (here it's already afternoon)
> Here am I again. I am really sorry to have talked about
> my feeling that development has stalled. But I think, it is
> a very good idea to publish a "beta" version of the program,
> even if it is not yet finished. I even succeeded to start it on
> my Windows 2000 laptop:
> -cd <where you extracted to>\SignWriterMAC\SignWriter MAC X
> -java -cp signwriter.jar org.signwriting.SignWriter


Hello Daniel, and welcome to the SignWriting List!

To explain....Daniel is a new member of our List, from Switzerland. I
assumed Daniel knew all the people who use SignWriting in Switzerland,
but instead I found out that he learned about SignWriting from others
in Switzerland, so it appears SignWriting is spreading a little - that
is great!  And Daniel started writing by hand, which is wonderful, and
sent me his SignWriting....I will show you that later...

BUT for right now....

I had NO idea that SignWriter MAC was opening in Windows 2000! That is
great news. SignWriter 5.0 is written in JAVA. And JAVA has changed and
improved over the years. We started the JAVA programming in 1997, and
it was not working well, partly because JAVA itself was so new at that
time. Now, with their new JAVA versions, I am finding that the old
software works better than I realized...

Meanwhile, thanks to the efforts of a JAVA programmer in Ireland, we
were able to get it to work on both Macintosh OS 9 and X. But then the
development got stalled again, because we still cannot get the program
to print consistently...

And when I tried to open SignWriter 5.0 in Windows 98se, it refused to
open, so that is why I was afraid to say that it worked on
Windows...Now I find out that it is working on Windows 2000? Wow! That
is great news...

Can someone else try to open SignWriter MAC on Windows XP or NT? I am
VERY curious now, because that would mean that we will have a
SignWriter WIN very suspect that it
is the MAC X version that is working in Windows?  Val ;-)

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