Should I call it "SignWriter Java"?...

Dan Parvaz dparvaz at MAC.COM
Sun Jun 1 16:20:12 UTC 2003

Definitely, "SignWriter Java Edition", or something like that.

And may I make another recommendation? Okay, since you asked so nicely

Why not make this an Open Source effort? You could still be the final
arbiter of what is "officially" included in SW, but you would have at
your disposal an army of people who would love to make improvements to
this. I'd love to join such an effort, whereas I'm too overcommitted to
taking on "programming hero" tasks by myself. I'm sure lots of others
feel the same.

What do you think?

On a slightly different tack: does SW-Java save in SW 4.x format? With
the same glyph codes?


PS: Has anyone with a Linux/FreeBSD box checked to see if the program
runs under JRE 1.4.x?

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