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Daniel Noelpp d.noelpp at GMX.CH
Sun Jun 1 19:20:39 UTC 2003

Hello friends

I just phoned with my boss. As of end of August, maybe July,
my engagement for the Swiss army ends and my company
has to reassign me to a new project. I asked him whether
they are willing to employ me part-time (50% because of my
Software Engineer's evening school takes 30% and the
SignWriting project would take 20%). So I keep my free time
and motivation to work for SignWriting is higher. :-)

I eplained the project a little bit so I think I have his support.
Tuesday we will meet and convince the management of my

About myself and my career (so you understand better who I
am): 1970 I am born deaf (>90 dB hearing loss). I was sent
to M ^?^? chenbuchsee near Berne, an oralist school with very
strict teachers. My parents found the level of the school too
low for me and sent me to the regular school 1980 where I
was successful enough to get my college diploma 1989. After
8 years at the University of Berne I left without degree.

1983 I had my first computing experience with the PET,
followed by the famous C64, then Amiga. I programmed
in Basic, Assembler, C and Modula-2. So I was lucky to find
a rather nice job in Basel 1998 after I left University. After
another year I went for half a year to India to work in an
Internet startup company. I was teaching and promoting
different programming techniques and because of my foreign
country experience I again had luck when I returned to
Switzerland to get a good position in a Software Engineering
company in Berne. They are developping mostly in Java
and for the Web.

Valerie already explained to me that it is important to support
the already existing user base. So we have to work at what
already exists and not to invent new things even if this would
be easier for absolute newcomer like me. For example the
input method of the signs shouldn't be changed at all. Or
else all SignWriter 4.4 users have to change their typing
habits, which is very painful.

And I am perfectly ready to work in a team (for open source).
If we work open source, we should try to setup something at
Sourceforge ( for example. But for a
team we need at least 2 participants. :-)

Daniel Noelpp

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