How to open SWJava on WinXP?

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Jun 2 04:06:11 UTC 2003

Mark and Everyone -
Glad you got SignWriter Java to open! Regarding the frustration with
the settings ...

I DID set those preferences to a beautiful red color menu, with black
SignWriting and the Menus were set to Signs and Words. But when I
zipped the files, and uploaded them on the web, those preference
settings were you can see that I need to learn lots of little
things about Java and about SignWriter 5.0...we need to work together
to figure these little things out...there must be some Preferences that
are stored in the operating system, so that when I uploaded the files,
the Preference settings must have been left behind in my operating I need to learn, that is all...and if you think that was
frustrating, just wait until you try to do certain tasks...some don't
even the SignWriter DOS program is really much more
sophisticated than the SignWriter Java program ...around half of the
features of DOS are not even built into the Java version yet - believe
me I was discouraged - I will never forget when the programmer handed
me "dictionary files that were read-only"...I was so upset and told him
we had to have the same dictionary features from SignWriter DOS...we
couldn't go backwards and have an uneditable dictionary - but I learned
the hard way that building all those features into the Java version was
not that easy, even for professional java programmers, and so now I am
just trying to present what we do have, and in time SignWriter Java
will surpass what we have in DOS....but it may take years...

However, read the PDF manual I created, and you will see there are ways
to get around the "read-only" dictionary problem...and when you look in
that PDF file you will see the red menus in signs and words that I had
set in the preferences before I zipped and uploaded....

Val ;-)


On Sunday, June 1, 2003, at 08:36 PM, Mark Penner wrote:

> I downloaded Java 1.4.1 for free and it works on Windows XP.
> Thanks, Valerie, for your help.
> NOT a priority by any stretch, but may I suggest that the default be
> set
> for menus in both ASL and English, to aid the ASL deprived among us
> (that
> would be me, for starters). I found my way to settings/preferences by
> trial
> and error pretty quickly, so it wasn't a problem.
> Mark
> At 19:05 03/06/01 -0700, you wrote:
>> SignWriting List
>> June 1st, 2003
>> OK...these are the system requirements we are dealing with now...
>> 1. SignWriter DOS
>> Works on Windows 95, 98, 98se, ME...
>> Does NOT work on Windows 2000, NT or XP...
>> (But it can, if you purchase Virtual PC)
>> 2. SignWriter Java
>> Works with Java 1.4.1 or later...
>> on Macintosh, Windows and Linux
>> 3. SignBank 2002
>> Works on Windows 98 or later
>> and Mac OS 9 & Mac OS X
>> So I guess we all are going to have to learn the ups and downs of
>> getting Java 1.4.1....That is a new world for me, since we are
>> automatically updated on the Macintosh...
>> Val ;-)
>> --------------------------
>> On Sunday, June 1, 2003, at 06:51 PM, Mark or Mary Esther Penner
>> wrote:
>>> Question:
>>> I want to use SWJava on my XP.When I click on
>>> SignWriter5.0 or signwriter.jar, as per directions in the
>>> pdf manual, I am asked what program I want to use to open
>>> this file.
>>> What do I answer?
>>> Do all WinXPs come with Java 1.4.1, or is this something I
>>> need to purchase to make SWJava work on my XP?
>>> Mark
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