Bug...ASL Dictionary Windows refuses to resize....

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Mon Jun 2 14:19:48 UTC 2003

Bill - Thanks for this. This may be a bug in Mac OS X then, because I
worked at resizing it for hours, changing my monitor's dots per inch in
a thousand ways, and it refuses to resize for the ASL dictionary only -
but it does resize in Mac OS 9...so there is a bug somewhere - but I am
sooo glad to know that you could get it to work in Windows, but this
should not be happening on any operating system...we need a programmer!
And I could print before, now I can't.....the pages spew out, but there
is nothing on them - can you believe? It used to print one page before,
so something new cropped up .... You can see why I didn't release
SignWriter 5.0 all these years...and when I would get a programmer,
they would become so overwhelmed that they usually just stopped,
because what they thought was a little program, was instead a
sophisticated program that would take full-time focus...

Val ;-)


On Monday, June 2, 2003, at 07:06 AM, Bill Reese wrote:

> Val,
> I'm using a 19" monitor with a screen resolution of 1280x1024.  I have
> a
> lot of area on my monitor.  When I opened SignWriter Java's dictionary
> window it was very long but still fit within the bounds of the monitor.
> I was able to resize it without a problem.
> A method I use in Win98SE when a window is too large to fit on the
> screen, is to drag one edge of the window to the edge of the monitor.
> This will resize the window, even if it is almost off the monitor's
> screen.  Then I move the window into the screen area.  I repeat this
> until the window fits within the screen.  I'm not sure if this works on
> a Mac.
> Bill
> Valerie Sutton wrote:
>> SignWriting List
>> June 2, 2003
>> Dear Philippe and Everyone -
>> I am answering this tech support question to the List because I know
>> others will find the same problem in SignWriter Java. For reasons
>> unknown to me, as soon as Java 1.4.1 was released, a lot of the
>> previous problems in SignWriter Java went away...but several new
>> problems started too...and this is one of the new problems that Java
>> 1.4.1 seemed to create...
>> When you open the dictionary, the dictionary window is supposed to be
>> fairly small, with buttons on the bottom of the dictionary window, for
>> Insert, Cancel, Next, Previous and Lookup. With all other
>> dictionaries,
>> such as the Norwegian dictionary, those buttons show up fine, but the
>> ASL dictionary has a problem...the dictionary window extends off the
>> screen, and the buttons are hidden from view, and it refuses to let
>> you
>> resize the dictionary window so you can see the buttons...so the
>> window
>> resizing has a bug in it related to the ASL dictionary only - can you
>> believe?
>> For now, when using the ASL dictionary, you will have to use
>> keystrokes
>> instead of those buttons...If you want to insert a sign from the
>> dictionary into your document, then tap the Enter Key once or twice
>> and
>> it will insert....sometimes you will have to do it twice...for Next
>> and
>> Previous, use the PageUp and PageDown keys. For Lookup, type the word
>> in the dictionary and press return or enter and that will look the
>> sign
>> up for you. So you can do everything without the buttons for now,
>> until
>> the bug can be fixed!
>> Val ;-)
>> -----------------------
>> On Monday, June 2, 2003, at 05:30 AM, Philippe Gallant wrote:
>>> Valerie,
>>> I did download again and use the new version.  I played a little then
>>> I noticed at the dictionary, when I type a word and I see signwriting
>>> symbol but I dont see the buttons on the bottom because the window
>>> went way below of my window.  I am using MAC 10.2.6.
>>> Thank you,
>>> Philip
>>> On Sunday, June 1, 2003, at 08:29  AM, Valerie Sutton wrote:
>>>> Dear Stuart and Phillipe -
>>>> An updated version of SignWriter 5.0 for the Macintosh is now
>>>> available for download....
>>>> Download SignWriter MAC
>>>> http://signwriting.org/forums/software/sw50/
>>>> I know you already downloaded it, but you will need to start again
>>>> and download again...This is a better version now. Plus there is a
>>>> manual, with instructions. I would LOVE your feedback!
>>>> Val ;-)
>>> Philippe Gallant

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