SignWriter Java Open-Source Effort

Stuart Thiessen smt_sw at EARTHLINK.NET
Tue Jun 3 22:18:38 UTC 2003

I would also be willing to help with that effort.


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> June 1st, 2003
> Dan Parvaz wrote:
> > Why not make this an Open Source effort? You could still be
> the final
> > arbiter of what is "officially" included in SW, but you
> would have at
> > your disposal an army of people who would love to make
> improvements to
> > this. I'd love to join such an effort, whereas I'm too
> overcommitted to
> > taking on "programming hero" tasks by myself. I'm sure lots
> of others
> > feel the same. What do you think?
> Hello Everyone and Dan!
> OK. We will call it SignWriter Java and I will change the name in my
> document and on my web site...
> Thanks for this suggestion about Open-Source...Actually I
> want to thank
> Greg Noel, a UNIX programmer, who was the first to suggest to me, to
> open SignWriter Java into the Open-Source Effort...soooo I think it is
> a great idea...maybe now is the time?
> Because I do not have any programmer of SignWriter Java to answer the
> questions that might result, I did not know, back when Greg suggested
> it several years ago, if I could handle the major increase of
> stress on
> me...I am not even sure what source code is the right code,
> since there
> have been so many versions that is has become confusing for me as
> well...
> So the code is messy, and the programmers will have one big
> obstacle...that the working code can convert SignWriter 4.4 documents,
> and that literally hundreds of people are using SignWriter DOS, so
> converting those documents is essential and that is why I cannot just
> throw out the code and start from scratch...and that is not very fun,
> sometimes, because it is much more fun to start your own project,
> rather than working with someone else's messy code!
> So...if you are game...can you be the leader of the SignWriter Java
> Open-Source Effort, Dan? If someone, or a group of you, are willing to
> help me fend off the large onslaught of email...I can prepare a little
> document, listing the problems we are having, and the goals that were
> never realized...and I can bundle that with the source code, messy and
> all, and post that for download on my web site...I can then tell you
> when it is posted, and you all can download it to see if it is clear?
> Then I would leave it to you, Dan, to post it on the Open-Source web
> site?
> How does this sound, Greg, Dan, Daniel, Angus, Bill....?
> Val ;-)

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