AW: SignWriter MAC 5.0 Posted on Web!

Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Wed Jun 4 20:14:07 UTC 2003

Hi Stuart and listers,

I have got no idea about software issues whatsoever - but what I am doing is
to try to find a way to work with it as best as possible.

Today I found . that could eventually support you in your efforts to
find a solution to the printing problem?

Adobe Distiller gives a feedback that there is only one page !  that can be
printed -

perhaps there is in the program that tells the program that the whole
document is just one page ??

-- hm - if this is nonsense  - please forget this message -- ;-)

Stefan, :-)

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It sounds like there is a problem with the code that defines a page and what
fits on a page.  I've been doing some reading up on the Java programming
language and remember that part from my reading.  So maybe that's where it
needs to be looked at. Hmmmm.


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> Val,
> Signwriter 5.0 works in Win 98SE on my machine.  I updated to
> Java 1.4.1
> JRE first.
erer=> l
> Afterwards, I just clicked on the Mac X version of signwriter.jar in
> explorer.  I was able to type symbols, words, and
> fingerspelling.  I was
> able to access the dictionary and paste from that into my document.
>  Like Angus, when printing, there are no margins.  Also, the beginning
> of all lines (the left portion) was clipped.  It appeared to
> line up the
> document on the right side of the page and clip the left side if it
> didn't fit. I opened snowwhite-US.sgn and attempted to print
> it.  It got
> hung up after printing the first page.  The page wouldn't release from
> my printer.  Inspection of the printout revealed that my printer was
> attempting to print past the bottom of the page.  Since that isn't
> possible, it hung up.
> It's still neat!  :-)
> Bill
> Valerie Sutton wrote:
> > SignWriting List
> >
> > On Sunday, June 1, 2003, at 06:57 AM, Angus B. Grieve-Smith wrote:
> >
> >> It works for me under Windows XP with the Java Runtime Environment
> >> version 1.4.1. If this is really ready for prime time, I'd suggest
> >> posting an
> >> announcement on Slashdot (  I'd
> tell your web
> >> hosting people first, though, because the "Slashdot effect" brings
> >> thousands of visitors to your site and can often overwhelm
> web servers.
> >
> >
> > Hello Angus -
> > First, thanks sooo much for testing it in Windows XP. I am
> stunned and
> > happy that it opened! I had no idea, since it didn't open in Windows
> > 98...
> >
> > This means that what I called "SignWriter MAC OS X" is opening in
> > Windows XP and 2000...pah! We have "SignWriter WIN XP"....
> >
> > But, I assure you, it is NOT ready for prime time! If we
> could get it
> > to print, I would feel differently - So thanks for the
> suggestion about
> > Slashdot but the last thing we need right now is thousands of
> > visitors...someday...but not now!
> >
> > Val ;-)
> >

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