Re(2): Downloading Java 1.4.1

Borg Karl at MRI karl.borg at GOV.MT
Thu Jun 12 08:12:00 UTC 2003

Hello Val,

Thanks very much for quick reply! Oh I see I can understand now about java.
Thanks for explaining me about it! Also thanks for congratulate me on our
newly-published Maltese Sign
Language Dictionary which includes SignWriting, yes I am ud of it!! I am very
exciting that you one day will post some informations about our newly-published
Maltese Sign Language on web site of signwriting that everyone in the world can
see that!

Regards the printing, yes I manage to print the signwriter, first I opened an
old file (which I did in sw44) in sw java and then I moved the signs from left
by clicking the "Type words" (not "Type Signs") and then put cursor on left
margin and click space bar and it moves to right, I moved it on every line and
then I printed it and it worked! smile....

You can tell them on the sw list about it if someone unable to print with left


Karl  ;-)

Valerie Sutton  (6/11/03  2:34 PM):
>SignWriting List
>June 11, 2003
>On Wednesday, June 11, 2003, at 01:08 AM, Borg Karl at MRI wrote:
>> First of all I congratulate you for all works you had done on
>> signwriter java.
>> Yesterday I download SW java and it works on WIN98 but there is a
>> problem for
>> printing but I can solve it by insert space bar on the left of the
>> page. Anyway,
>> I would like to ask you if there is need to download java 1.4.1 or
>> not? since I
>> am not sure if I have already Java  1.4.1 in my computer, because I do
>> not
>> understand what is it? Many thanks, Karl, (from Malta)
>Hello Everyone and Karl!
>First, Karl, congratulations on your newly-published Maltese Sign
>Language Dictionary which includes SignWriting...You did an excellent
>job and I am so proud to show it to people when they come to visit me!
>Regarding SignWriter Java...I am glad you downloaded it.
>I don't think you need to download Java 1.4.1, if SignWriter Java is
>already opening on your computer....Some people cannot open SignWriter
>Java, so in those cases, they need to download Java, but that is not
>your problem...thank goodness!
>What is Java, you ask? Smile....Java is a computer programming language
>that is changing the way computers communicate. Java makes it possible
>to have "cross-platform" that is why we chose Java to
>re-program SignWriter DOS back in 1996....we wanted to have a program
>that worked for both Macintosh and Windows and other operating systems
>too, so it seemed logical to use Java...The problem is....we started
>SignWriter Java back when Java was a very new programming language, and
>at that time, there was no way to program "printing" in we
>never got it to print. Then, time went by, and now there are ways to
>program printing in Java, but we never got a programmer to make that
>happen, so that is why it is not printing right are not
>alone! In fact, on the Mac right now, it doesn't print at all...
>But from what you say above, by pushing the sign away from the left
>margin, you were able to print? That is good information, although it
>did not solve my problem on my Mac...
>So we hope to make SignWriter Java better, and that is why I asked
>everyone to give me a list of their problems. You will see I am listing
>SignWriter Java problems on this web page:
>SignWriter Java To-Do-List
>Printing is the first on the To-Do-List!
>I hope SignWriter Java will be a blessing for you and your Maltese Sign
>Language Project, Karl -
>Send my best wishes to everyone on Malta!
>Val ;-)
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