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Stefan Woehrmann stefanwoehrmann at GEBAERDENSCHRIFT.DE
Sun Jun 15 11:05:52 UTC 2003

Hi Hector, 

well I am very interested in signs for geography - lessons - 

There is a big chance to create a new dictionary with a collection of sign-names of countries and cities and places ... with the help of the SW44 - program -

The problem is that we have to get in contact with DEAF people in the countries in order to aske them about their way of signing their country - 

I could not find any SW- sign on the website you mentioned 

can you please offer a direct link ?? 

Thanks a lot 

Stefan ;-)) 

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  Betreff: Signs for countries


  I would like to ask your help regarding the indigenous sings for:

  Cyprus, Malta, Syria, Jordan, Greace, Turkey, Leabanon, Israel, Gaza, Athens, Hebron and Mediterranean Sea, Egypt, Etiopia. 

  If you know some web pages where I can indegenous signs for pleces, I would apreciate it. If some of you someday need signs for places of Colombia, you can visit 

  Of course if you have signs in SignWriting for contries and cities, geografical  names, etc, I would like to get thouse, by means a dictionary or a .sgn document.

  Thank You Very Much.

  Hector Devia.
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